Our Team

Dream Evolution is supported by 100% volunteer effort. Every one of us have dedicated ourselves to participating in transformational education and causing transformation in the world. This is our way of life, and life will never be the same again.

Ann-Marie Jennette
President / Co-Founder

At 8 years old Ann-Marie’s father taught her how to play cribbage. Before he could blink (and to his annoyance) she started to win. She learned very young that, with hard work, determination, and a little luck, she could achieve anything she set her mind to. In fact, her family always said she had more luck than a leprechaun. If they went to gamble in Vegas, they would make sure she was with them. Hard work, determination, and a little luck have accompanied Ann-Marie all her life.

Ann-Marie has known what she wanted to study and what she wanted to do with her life since she can remember. She worked hard and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering. She continued her studies to obtain a Masters Degree in Construction Management, and then spent 12 years transforming skylines in Boston, Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco, which she now calls home. Who gets to live in all the top cities in the United States? Must be that luck….

Working in the construction industry, Ann-Marie found that she was often the proverbial “woman in a man’s world.” In order to advance in her career, she decided she needed to understand men better, and more important, understand herself. A few workshops turned into 4 years of Mastery and Certification, incorporating partnership tools into every aspect of her life. luck! Her hard work and determination keeps on giving! Now, the only question remains how can that luck help contribute to others?

Mandy Ho
Treasurer / Co-Founder

Mandy is Chinese on the outside, with the essence of an Italian on the inside. While her Chinese family does not have the word “passion” in their dictionary, her life purpose is to find her passion and live it. 

Mandy was trained as a biomedical engineer, who ended up working in finance in New York City as a project manager and consultant. While finance was a good match for her skill sets, she didn't have much passion for it. In fact, after 10 years, she felt like she was dying an accelerated death inside. 
In 2013, Mandy met two mentors who turned her life upside down. She found the courage to quit the cushy corporate job, and start her own business as a healing and mindset coach. It was a leap of faith, but she realized that it is more important for her to do what she loves than to live a comfortable life with regrets. 

In 2018, Mandy moved to Portland, OR with her husband Ken and fur baby Oreo. Portland was a love at first sight — it’s not just a place to live, it’s her home. As she continues to explore the world, she continues to find new passions and loves figuring out how to fit them all into her life! She finds her greatest fulfillment by combining her creative energy with practicality. Currently she's expressing that through being a healing coach and an interior designer. 

Lisa Ingle-Stevens

For much of her life Lisa has been referred to by her loved ones as "La Tiny," translation "a little thing." She’s been told that good things come in small packages, and for her size she packs a big punch. In other words, she sees herself as a St. Bernard when others see her as a chihuahua. Raised by two extraordinary Mexican-American parents she was encouraged at a young age to follow her passions and dreams in order to help others, and be a light to as many people as possible. After graduating with a business degree from Trinity University, Lisa walked into her first yoga class in the fall of 1999. That day she realized she had found her life’s passion: she could merge her love for physical movement, education, and community into one through the practice of yoga.
In 2002, Lisa began teaching yoga. In 2004, she opened her own studio with her friend and business partner, and now The Union Yoga and Strength has grown to three locations in San Antonio, Texas. She believes that each of us has a unique set of gifts. Helping others find and nurture those gifts is what she lives for.
Her greatest joys are learning from her 6-year old daughter Olivia, spending time with her loved ones, especially her incredible partner and husband Kyle, and winning dance contests on stage in front of Paula Abdul (yes, that’s a thing. Google it!).  

Janine Hamner Holman
VP of Governance

Janine got interested in personal development in 2008 when she decided to take a six-month break from work and think about her next professional step. After 20 years leading non-profits, and with yet another downturn in the economy, it seemed the right time to take a look both inward and outward!  
This break propelled Janine into a new journey where she created the opportunity to study with some amazing teachers, discover a love of understanding how the brain works, and eventually created her own company – J&J Consulting Group. At J&J, she helps great organizations with internal complexities transform into engaged, high-performing teams, led by dynamic leaders everyone wants to work with, inside thriving organizations. She does this by empowering people, teams and organizations - combining brain science, partnership and communication in an accessible and revolutionary way to enable them to thrive.
Now Janine gets to live her dream of helping people and their organizations prosper! She lives in Altadena, CA with her husband Jonathan and their pets: a fat cat named Ty and a 10 year old 85lb dog named Devon: a beautiful mutt who still thinks he’s a puppy.

Will Day
VP of Technology

In the world of computing and IT, Will's personal mission is to improve things, make things better, more beautiful and more effective, and make things possible that weren't possible before.

He believes in the same for our life, and transformational education can do that -- make life more effective and beautiful, and make things possible in our life that weren't possible before.

Jill Kagawa
VP of Scholarship

Jill is a Midwesterner at heart. Born in Ohio, her fascination with people started at an early age. She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Educational Studies at Denison University before moving halfway around the world to Hawaii to begin life’s adventure. Wanting to bring her interest in people and learning together, she embraced a career in Human Resources, working in banking, technology, and hospitality. Always focused on learning and self-development, Jill received a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Hawaii.

Jill’s passion for learning extends beyond the corporate environment. For the last 10 years, Jill has immersed herself in personal development training and workshops. By discovering more about herself, she is a better wife, mother, daughter, friend, and leader. Her passion is bringing the worlds of personal and professional development together as a Partnership Coach.

Growing up, the job Jill always knew she wanted was “mom”. Along with her husband Aaron, Jill is mom to Tyler, Aurelia, and their fur baby Lucy. Through parenthood, Jill has learned priceless lessons about partnership, accountability, and surrender.

Amy Tirre
Board Member

Amy is licensed as a lawyer in Nevada and California with her J.D. from the University of California at Davis and B.A. in Psychology and Public Policy. She has a solo practice specializing in commercial litigation and bankruptcy in Reno, Nevada.  

After practicing law for 20 years and accomplishing many of her goals, Amy “entered the tunnel” at midlife after a painful breakup of a romantic relationship asking, “What is it about men and relationships that I don’t get?” That question and others (e.g., why am I not married yet?) led her to study with PAX Programs, Inc. She has three certifications with the PAX Mastery and Certification Program in the topic areas of “Partnership in Business,” “Empowering Men” and “Empowering Women.” Her journey also led her to become a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).  

The result? Her life is transformed. The empowering knowledge that she has put practice made it possible for her to meet and marry her fabulous husband, Peter. She leads a charmed and enchanted life with Peter and their mini-Schnauzer, Nikko. She also enjoys the privilege of knowing and supporting people who are consciously engaged in their transformation.