Rhiannon - Ringgold, GA

PAX was brought into my life 3 years ago, and it changed my life for the better.

I had the strength all along for these changes, but I was shown a different way. A different way to honor myself and take care of those around me. I was always the person who took care of everyone’s needs and wants, at birthdays and family events, and I was always the one who forgot to take care of myself.

Thru the lessons and support, I was given the tools to take care of myself first, honor what it was I wanted and needed from not only myself but also from others. I learned what filled my cup, what brought me joy, what I needed for myself in order to be the person I wanted to be for others. I learned when to recognize I needed to take care of me first, and how to let others know I needed this time, space, or connection.

In the end, while learning to take care of me first and filling my cup, I have been able to take care of others in a more positive empowering way. I have learned to be a better partner with my husband, friends and co-workers. I gained the tools to continue to learn, grow and be a better me. For me. Without these lessons and support I wouldn’t be the partner, mother, daughter or friend that I am today. 

Michael - Dedham, MA

Over the past several years with PAX learnings, I have gained tremendous insight into my own way of thinking. From learning where I truly am in my development as a man, to learning how to honor myself for being the man I am.  

The changes I have been able to implement are life changing. I now feel I can embrace making decisions and enjoying the results which previously, I did not think I deserved. My relationships with people in my life are clearer and stronger now. Going forward new relationships will be built on a more solid foundation. I feel I have grown so much. I understand myself and others much better. I am so grateful for this knowledge.

Mary Ann - N Brookfield, MA

Without the transformational knowledge I received I would not have learned so much about myself -- holding my space, letting go of those who cling on, and knowing how to prevent them from re-attaching to me again. 

I learned more about my relationship with my daughter, and how to express and see if I had it all my way. This is one way we have been able to establish more respect for each other. I learned its alright to have boundaries with someone and still honor yourself. I learned more about men, the stages they go through in life. I learned why woman act the way we do, in and out of hunting and gathering mode. 

I learned I am a stronger person when it comes to love, as love is my genius. Because of all this, I can now see what I really need in order to have a better relationship, if I choose to.

Jaime - Los Angeles, CA

If I were given a scholarship to participate in transformation training, I would heal myself so I could heal others. 

I would tap into my hidden potential and use my new found powers to empower women and help children with special needs. 

Ashley - Folsom, CA

If I hadn’t done all the work, I wouldn’t be as self aware as I am now. I am now able to stand back and look at how I’m feeling and evaluate it from a disconnected place, a place where I can feel what I’m feeling without my evaluation being colored by the feeling itself. 

I can step back into it with clarity.

My husband and I struggled when we first started doing transformational work. I was mad because my eyes were opened. I just wanted to go back to my blissful unawareness. Now that we moved through the steps and continued to explore different topics I was able to sit with the topics and utilize them in my life and in other relationships outside of my marriage first. I would then come back to my marriage, apply it and be more empowered. I feel like I know myself and my husband better. I understand his limitations and my own. I understand when I feel disconnected, it doesn’t represent a lack of love and respect in my marriage, which was something that crippled me before. 

Now with the tools I have, I am able to better understand it’s who he is and see what he is able to give without sacrificing himself. I am able to fill gaps with other relationships in my life and make a healthier life for everyone around me.

If I were to receive a scholarship, I would contribute to other friends and family with more authority and confidence. I would have more clarity to assist in illuminating others’ blind spots.